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Learning Styles Holistic or Global Learning

Are you accused of daydreaming while doing your homework? Do you like to be alone, just to think? If so, you could be a holistic learner. There are many differences of opinion when it comes to cognitive styles. Some researchers support the notion of two types of processing methods for brains that are called  holistic and analytic learners. What are the Characteristics of a Holistic Thinker? We sometimes refer to holistic learners as  the student type who is deep and contemplative. This type of student—the  smart over-achiever who sometimes comes across as  scatterbrained  and disorganized—can  sometimes become annoyed by his or her own brain. Holistic brains need  to take their time when encountering a new concept or a new chunk of information. It takes a while for a holistic thinking person to allow new concepts to sink in, so it can become frustrating to someone who doesnt understand that this is natural and perfectly fine. If you have ever read a page and felt like it was all fuzzy in your head after the first read, only to discover that the information slowly begins to come together and make sense, you could be a holistic thinker. Here are a few more characteristics. They dwell on information  and make constant mental comparisons when they encounter new material.They like to compare new concepts to concepts they already know, even as they read, using mental pictures, similes or analogies.Because of the constant thinking about thinking, holistic brain types seem to be frustratingly slow when it comes to answering questions. This is the trait that makes students reluctant to raise their hands in class. But holistic learners shouldnt get too frustrated with the seemingly slow process of learning. This type of learner is particularly good at evaluating and breaking down information. This is so important when conducting research and writing technical papers like the process essay. Once you decide you are a holistic learner, you can use your strengths to improve your study skills. By zeroing in on your strengths, you can get more out of study time. Are You a Holistic or Global Learner? A holistic (big picture) person likes to start with a big idea or concept, then go on to study and understand the parts. As a global learner, you may be more likely to respond to a problem with emotion first, instead of logic.You can accept an algebra equation without understanding how it works.You may be late for school a lot because you think about everything. And you think while you do everything.You tend to remember faces, but forget names. You may act on impulse. You might be just fine with  playing music while you study. (Some students cant concentrate while music plays.)You might not raise your hand much to answer questions  because it takes you a while to sort out your answer.When you eventually do come up with an answer, it is much more thorough than the quick answer you heard five minutes ago.You are likely to read and read and become frustrated, and then suddenly â€Å"get it.† Problems Some holistic learners tend to glaze over material to pursue the big idea. That can be costly. Often, those small details show up on tests! Holistic or global learners can spend so much time thinking they react too late. Holistic Thinkers  Study Tips A holistic learner may benefit from the following. Pay attention to outlines. If your teacher offers an outline at the beginning of a new term, always copy it down. Outlines will help you establish a framework for storing new information.Make your own outline. This is a good way to remember important details youd otherwise miss. The visual tool helps your brain organize more quickly.Don’t skip introduction or summary. You will benefit from reading these before you read the actual book. Again, it is important for holistic learners to establish a framework early for storing and applying concepts.Look for boundaries. Holistic learners may have trouble discerning where one concept or event ends and another begins. It might be helpful for you to establish the concrete beginning and ending points.Ask for examples. Your brain likes to make comparisons, so the more examples, the better. Write down the examples, but label them as examples so youre not confused later. (Your notes tend to be disorganized.)Use images. Use pictures and cha rts if they are offered. When reading a long passage or explanation, make your own charts and pictures.Draw timelines. This is another way of creating boundaries. Your brain likes them.Look at sample assignments. Your brain likes to use examples as a frame of reference. Without them, it’s sometimes hard for you to know where to start.Make drawings of concepts. The more you can sketch out and characterize concepts, the better. Using political parties as an example, you could draw circles and label them. Then, fill in sub-circles of beliefs and established ideologies.  Make summaries as you progress. There is a difference between passive and active reading. You need to become an active reader to remember your material. One tactic is to stop after each segment to write a brief summary.Use a time-keeper tool. Holistic learners can get carried away thinking of possibilities and lose track of time.Avoid thinking of all the possibilities. Holistic learners like to make comparisons and find relationships. Don’t get distracted from the task at hand.

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Aggregation in Java Definition and Examples

Aggregation in Java  is a relationship between two classes that is best described as a has-a and whole/part relationship. It is a more specialized version of the association relationship. The aggregate class contains a reference to another class and is said to have ownership of that class. Each class referenced is considered to be part-of the aggregate class. Ownership occurs because there can be no cyclic references in an aggregation relationship. If Class A contains a reference to Class B and Class B contains a reference to Class A then no clear ownership can be determined and the relationship is simply one of association. For example, if you imagine that a Student class that stores information about individual students at a school. Now assume a Subject class that holds the details about a particular subject (e.g., history, geography). If the Student class is defined to contain a Subject object then it can be said that the Student object has-a Subject object. The Subject object also makes up part-of the Student object —  after all, there is no student without a subject to study. The Student object, therefore, owns the Subject object. Examples Define an aggregation relationship between Student class and the Subject class  as follows:   public class Subject {private String name;public void setName(String name)  Ã‚  { name;}public String getName(){return name;}}public class Student {private Subject[] studyAreas new Subject[10];//the rest of the Student class}

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Erin Gruwells Teaching Methods - 587 Words

1. As a young teacher, Ms. Gruwell faces the disbelief from her students, the racial discrimination, along with the lack support from her colleagues and supervisors. However, no matter how hard it was, Ms. Gruwell still overcame the adversities because of her perseverance and courage. First of all, Ms. Gruwell’s perseverance and courage helped her win the trust of her students. For example, she started to understand her student by knowing their families and the places they grew up in. Secondly, Ms. Gruwell’s courage and perseverance broke the existing prejudice and discrimination between races. Lastly, Ms. Gruwell faced the lack support from her colleagues and supervisors. Despite the school offering limited materials to her class, Ms. Gruwell did not give in, so she did her best to raise money to provide enough material for her teaching. In which, Ms. Gruwell took two extra jobs to raise money for buying novels to the students. 2. As a leader, Ms. Gruwell earns the trust and respect of her students through being courageous and persevering. She took a courageous stand to break the ties between the races and help them understand that they are all equal, regardless of where they come from. Additionally, Ms. Gruwell perseveringly stuck to keeping her job and stuck to helping her students, despite all the negative criticism she received from others. 3. Ms. Gruwell motivated her students to become creative. Ms. Gruwell motivated her students by becoming creative by playingShow MoreRelatedFreedom Writers By Jung Ah Choi1010 Words   |  5 Pagesbackgrounds. What is the best method to instill knowledge into children? These strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner. For a particular teaching methods to be appropriate and efficient it has to relate in some way with the individual learner and how the individual demonstrates their learning process. â€Å"Reading Educational Philosophies in Freedom Writers† by Jung-Ah Choi, breaks down the different methods of teaching through the film FreedomRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Freedom Writers 1070 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction ‘Freedom Writers’ is an American film, directed by Richard Granvense and based on a true story, which is dedicated and idealistic teacher Erin Gruwell. Mrs Gruwell inspires and teaches her class of belligerent and aggressive students that there are a positivity and hope for a life outside rather than gang violence and death. This is because students were divided into groups based on race, believed that they had no future and convinced that they had nothing to learn from other racesRead MoreFreedom Writers: Rhetorical Analysis Essay714 Words   |  3 Pagesstory. Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell plays an inspirational teacher at Wilson High School. She is ready to take on the teaching world as she steps inside Wilson High School for her first day. Her class, varied with teenagers of different ethnic backgrounds, wants nothing more than to just get through the day. African Americans, Latinos, Asians, gang members, and much more are from poor neighborhoods, that all share a si milar hatred for each other. On the first day of teaching she is very scared andRead MoreEssay on Film Review - Freedom Writers2020 Words   |  9 Pagesteacher, Erin Gruwell. Throughout the film, the main character Ms. Erin Gruwell is an exemplary teacher regardless of the complexities that surrounds the learning environment. The story discusses how students managed to survive in school with the aid of an exceptional teacher who influenced them to change and aim for success. This essay aim to define how two issues of cultural difference and racism impact upon the educational experiences, then the connection with the ideas based on Gruwell’s pedagogicalRead MoreThe Freedom Writers1584 Words   |  7 Pagesthe book â€Å"The freedom writers’ diary† by Erin Gruwell and her students at the Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in California. The book is an agglomeration of the writings of these students, inspired by their teacher, to write about the experiences th ey had to undergo due to the racial tensions and violence existing in the society. The movie is an enrapturing representation of the way in which a teacher revolutionizes the process of classroom teaching to bring about integration among studentsRead MoreFreedom Writers Review1848 Words   |  8 PagesThe movie â€Å"The Freedom Writers† is based on the true story of Erin Gruwell’s English classes at Wilson High, an integrated school with students of all racial and cultural backgrounds. As a new teacher she is given the lowest achieving students. For safety and belonging most of these students belong to racial gangs and bring this social concept into the class by sitting in racial arrangements. Their morals and self concept are defined by these gangs, as shown by Eva’s statement of â€Å"we protect our

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Essay on The Dangers of Eating Disorders - 795 Words

The Dangers of Eating Disorders How a person perceives their body is influenced by what it looks like to them and what it looks like to others. Our society teaches us through media and social pressure that body image is important. Feeling attractive is an important part of self worth and for many, feeling attractive means matching a certain ideal appearance. Most of us will never be able to look like this ideal, but the message we get is that we risk social failure if we do not try hard enough. When we believe this message we may feel incompetent and depressed and have low self-esteem because we cant meet impossible standards of appearance. The two main types of eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa, also†¦show more content†¦Impulsive behavior and certain other psychological problems may be more common in people with binge eating disorder. Dietings effect on binge eating disorder is also unclear. While findings vary, early research suggests that about half of all people with binge eating disorder had binge episodes before they started to diet. Still, strict dieting may worsen binge eating in some people. (Orey, 1999) There is help for those who have Bulimia though, through little steps, they can beat it. Especially if it is obtained in the early stages and there have been no major problems happen to the person. The other major type of eating disorder is Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by constant dieting, rapid weight loss and the feeling of being too fat during weight loss. Most anorexics are women and teenage girls, who see themselves as being overweight even though they are deathly underweight. The term Anorexia Nervosa means loss of appetite due to nerves, but the people with anorexia do not actually lose their appetite until the late stages of their starvation. Until then, they do feel hungry but they will not eat. There are numerous physical signs of anorexia, but there are fou r main ones. There is rapid loss of body fat, wasting away of body fat, pale dry skin , and irregular heart beat. An anorexic may also have dehydration and fainting may occur. AnorexiaShow MoreRelated The Dangers of Living with an Eating Disorder Essay1410 Words   |  6 PagesThe Dangers of Living with an Eating Disorder Imagine waking up every morning, struggling to get out of bed. The room spins. Stumbling over to the mirror, you study and criticize every last inch of your body as the words â€Å"fat, ugly, worthless† echo in your head. You then stagger to the bathroom, using the wall to hold you up. You don’t remember the last time you ate a â€Å"normal† meal. Stepping on the scale will determine your mood for the day. If it has decreased since yesterday, you have succeeded;Read More Anorexia and Bulimia Essay1569 Words   |  7 Pagesand sometimes life-threatening eating disorders. The vast majorities are adolescents and young adult women. Approximately one percent of adolescent girls develops anorexia nervosa, a dangerous condition in which they can literally starve themselves to death. Another two to three percent develop bulimia nervosa, a destructive pattern of excessive overeating followed by vomiting or other quot; purging quot; behaviors to control their weight. These eating disorders also occur in men and older womenRead MoreWhy Weight Is The Top Popular Topic People1591 Words   |  7 Pagesis preventable. (obesity facts figures) Increased BMI is a major risk factor for noncommunicable d iseases such as cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke), which were the leading cause of death in 2008, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis – a highly disabling degenerative disease of the joints). The risk for these non communicable diseases increases with the increase in BMI. Generally ,there are three ways to lose weight: diet, drugs, and exercise. Read More Eating Disorders in Males Essay examples1362 Words   |  6 PagesEating Disorders in Males Eating disorders are largely considered to be a female disease. Statistics seem to validate this perception – of the estimated five million-plus adults in the United States who have an eating disorder, only ten percent are thought to be male ((1)). Many professionals, however, hold the opinion that these numbers are incorrect – it is impossible to base the statistics on anything other than the number of adults diagnosed with eating disorders, and men are much lessRead MoreTeenagers Are Suffering With Multiple Eating Disorders1484 Words   |  6 PagesIn America, many teenagers are suffering with multiple eating disorders. Once they begin to monitor what to eat, they tend to perform many exercise routines followed by the lack of not eating, these situations should be alarming to the parent that something is not right. Thus, what can we do to resolve this situation among teens? Parents should first become informed towards the issue which their child is facing and take ac tion immediately to save their child from the dangerous activities. It is importantRead MoreEating Disorders Are Serious Conditions Involving Extremely Unhealthy Dietary Habits1046 Words   |  5 PagesJanuary 9, 2015 Eating Disorders in Adolescents Eating disorders are serious conditions involving extremely unhealthy dietary habits. The two most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. In the past few decades, eating disorders have become more and more prevalent in western countries. A lot of people suffered from the diseases, for example, famous Princess Diana has struggled with bulimia for many years. It should be kept in mind that eating disorders occur not only inRead MoreEating Disorders in America Essay894 Words   |  4 Pageswhen the words eating disorders are said. Many people do not know what an eating disorder actually is and what actually happenes when you have an eating disorder or how to detect a eating disorder. There are many types of eating disorders but they all have one thing in common, phsycological disorders. The main types of eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Bindge eating but are not limited to these. The main focus in theses eating disorders are food. Many eati ng disorder patients haveRead MoreDifferent Types of Disorders Essay1231 Words   |  5 PagesDisorders Disorder can be defined as a disturbance to the regular or normal functions.(â€Å"Disorder†). Disorders are something that the individual can not control. I believe that if they could be completely prevented, then there would be no such things as disorders. Who would really want to have a medical issue? Disorders range from functional disorders all the way to those considered mental disorders (Disorder.). Functional Disorders According to, functionalRead MoreDeath Is The Worst Outcome At The Age Of 211372 Words   |  6 Pagesa person from enjoying normal activities of daily living such as sleeping, eating, and working. Clinical depression is a serious problem and cannot be taken lightly. These psychological changes are another reason weight cutting is so dangerous to athletes’ bodies and their mind. Due to the constant weight fluctuations an athlete’s body goes through during the weight cutting process, he or she can develop eating disorders. A study posted in the Sports Nutrition Journal found that 30 to 40 percentRead MoreThe Ethical Issues That May Pertain Should The Compulsory Treatment Of Anorexia Nervosa1375 Words   |  6 PagesThrough practice, social workers may work with those who experience eating disorders, including the life threatening anorexia nervosa, however the imperative treatment of disordered eating often causes much controversy due to the ethical implications it carries. The medical dictionary defines Anorexia Nervosa as; ‘A psychiatric disorder characterized by an unrealistic fear of weight gain, self-starvation, and conspicuous distortion of body image. The individual is obsessed with becoming increasingly

Admission-Application essay Free Essays

I often believe that women are the catalyst for nations’ development given equal rights to education, justice, occupation, suffrage and other services.   The silence and the vulnerability of women and children in developing countries like Zaire have awakened my drive to fight for the rights of the unheard and the helpless. Since childhood, I have always pictured a world where people are equal in rights and nobody is above the rest in terms of allocation of basic services, education, laws and job opportunities. We will write a custom essay sample on Admission-Application essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now    I have closely witnessed the unfair treatment to women and children who are often victims of human rights violation.   I have often wondered why there are more men in politics, schools and in the workplace. Silently, I have also questioned why society has embraced a system where women should remain at home and are not treated as important members of the society.   At a young age, I could not accept the discrimination in my country.   I understand that it is impossible for me to solve all the problems facing women and children but I know that something must be done. I have carefully studied my options in finding ways to be the voice that will awaken women in their important roles in the family, community and country.   One of the avenues that I have chosen was to work as a social worker.   To date, I am fulfilled in the profession that I have pursued.   Nothing is more rewarding than to see the helpless rise from poverty, oppression and discrimination. In my years of service, I have worked in a variety of settings within a framework of relevant legislation and procedures to support individuals, families and groups within the community.   These settings include schools, hospitals, public sectors and organizations. I have also worked closely with the health and social care staff.   When I was involved with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), I have pushed for the integration of health and social work services for women and children in my country.   Together with a multidisciplinary team, I have worked on the family code of Zaire to give equal parental rights to both spouses. This has replaced the previous concept of paternal authority.   Both parents have the same duties to care for their children.   Women are given the right to marriage and choice of spouses.   They are also given the right to inherit.   Both women and men acquired legal capacity at the age of 18.   They are both equally free to enter into marriage with the consent of both future spouses.   Women and children are not required to perform forced or compulsory labor, except as provided for by law. Although there are still so much that remain to be done to give wives equal rights similar to their husbands, the family code is a step forward for Zairian women.   As a social worker, I have also worked to ameliorate the living conditions of women by making them self sufficient. Through livelihood training and seminars, women can now engage in a small business to alleviate them from poverty.   I have also supervised 300 people and became the agriculture and rural development counselor of the governor of Zaire. Other than having an undergraduate degree and license in Social Work, I have also earned a post Graduate degree in Nutrition in Belgium. Being of service to women and children in terms of poverty alleviation, educational provision and allocation of medical and health care services has always been my passion.   Now that I am already a US citizen, I would like to move to the Department of Social Work so I can continue my work as a social worker in a larger scale. After witnessing domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, delinquency and other social problems in the community, I felt that something should be done.   This has motivated me to become a social worker in the local and international community. I would like to advocate for social justice and be the voice for those who are deprived of their basic human rights.   With my utmost dedication and perseverance, I would like to see more women and children around the world living in contented and productive lives that are free of abuse and discrimination. How to cite Admission-Application essay, Essays

Marketing - Converse Case Study free essay sample

Case Study Creating a marketing strategy isn’t always about taking a hands-on approach and facilitating how consumers should think of a certain brand. Converse All Stars took an alternative route, a â€Å"stand-back approach† giving its customers control over marketing its shoe brand. As a result, Converse delivered a customer-brand relationship where the needs, wants and demands of its customers were met by a pair of All Star Chucks. The needs, wants and demand of customers is a major customer and marketplace concept. Human â€Å"needs† are states of felt deprivation that could be of a physical need like for food and clothing, social need like for affection or individual needs like for learning or self-expression. Wants are forms of needs that are derived from cultures and individual personality (i. e. specific types of food like Asian, American or Mexican are specific wants for food). Demands of customers are also factored in when customers’ wants are supported by their ability to make purchases. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing Converse Case Study or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Relating this to the Converse case study, Converse’s customers demonstrated a physical need for clothing or shoes in this case as well as an individual need for self-expression, and their wants were derived from Converse’s simple, affordable and classy style and â€Å"no-brand† brand, a specific culture and type of personality that consumers affiliated with Converse. Converse’s culture of self-expression became the reason why it was wanted and thereby demanded by consumers who had buying power. Converse understood this concept well as it was able to capture value from its customer by enabling them to customize and individualize their pair of Chucks, thus creating a market offering that became an integral part of Converse’s marketing success.

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Legalization of the Same Sex Marriage in California

Same sex marriage in California has taken a different route as compared to the other states in America. With effect from June 2008, the state allowed and licensed same sex marriages, being the second state to take that step. The rationale behind this as indicated by a ruling made by the Supreme Court was founded on the need for protection and respect to decisions made by the citizens, in this case those who practice homosexuality.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Legalization of the Same Sex Marriage in California specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This ban was however declared unconstitutional by the federal court in 2010, a decision that was granted full support by the United States court of appeal in 2012 (University of California, 2010). From this therefore, same sex marriages in California are being governed from three perspectives which are the law, Prop8 and the Supreme Court. The perspective of the law, according to the federal court in California, indicates that the ban on same sex marriages is unlawful and against the constitution since it violates the human rights dignity of a section of the society. The Californian parliament voted in support of same sex marriages, making it the first state to take such an action. This was however met with great controversy especially from the religious communities, most of which claimed that this was a defilement to the sanctity of marriage. They alleged that these kinds of marriages created an environment that is not fit for the healthy development of children. This controversy is what led to the development of Proposition 8, an amendment that was taken to the polls in 2008 (Head, 2009). Proposition 8, which is motion supporting a ban on same sex marriage, was passed in 2008 by way of vote, since the proposition to ban same sex marriage got more than 50 percent of the votes. This was however opposed by the court indicating that it denied the rights of the minority for no reason. They indicated that the law proposing the ban on same sex marriage had no legal ground but was only aimed at denying the gay couples the rights associated with legal and registered marriages (National Conference of State Legislature, 2008). The argument of the judge who supported this ban was that the society needed children to be raised in heterosexual families for healthy growth. Five months before passing prop 8, same sex marriages had been legalized by the Supreme Court and this led to the bending of some laws which previously limited the definition of marriage to the union between man and woman (National conference of state legislatures, 2008).Advertising Looking for research paper on government? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Prop 8 was the first constitutional amendment of its kind and this explains why it was subject to a lot of controversy. This was opposed by the gay commun ity who alleged that it required an approval of 2/3 of the legislative votes before being brought out in the public for the polls, a condition that was not adhered to. The Supreme Court of California maintains that the ban on same sex marriages is unethical since every person is at liberty to make their own decisions as long as they do not interfere with other people’s freedom, a ruling made in 2012. This court denounced the prop 8 ban, comparing this ban to racial or gender discriminations, which were highly condemned. It stated that this ruling failed to provide a reasonable ground for the denial of these so called human rights. (University of California, 2010). Still in the opposition of the ban, the Supreme Court went ahead to claim same sex marriages did not in any way affect the upbringing of children. Still in this regard the judges of the Supreme Court required that federal state of California to revise rules related to the ban of same sex marriages. In this regard, t he California university law publication article Sexuality gender law: Assessing the field, envisioning the future: symposium (2010) indicates that a family does not necessarily constitute woman and man, but any two people with a mutual consent to live together as husband and wife. From this ruling it is clear that the Supreme Court supports same sex marriages and requires that any law that stands in the way of this should be repealed so that to give them privileges similar to those of their heterosexual counterparts (Leff, 2012). Conclusion In conclusion, the position of same sex marriages in California seems to be a great controversy to date. The gay citizens are few but with the backup they get from the legal body, they stand a chance to win in the debate. In the 2-1 ruling, it would have been argued that the sitting judge at that time was supporting his own interest owing to his sexual nature.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Legalization of the Same Sex Marriage in California specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This allegation was however proved wrong when the judge who succeeded him maintained the same position (CNN US, 2008). They simply believe it is against human rights to ban same sex marriages. Therefore Prop8 appears to be losing its stand since it is discredited for lack of sufficient basis for the claims. References CNN US. (2008). California ban on same sex marriage struck down. Sexual orientation. Web. Head, T. (2009). Reason to support Gay marriage and oppose the Federal Marriage Amendments. Civil Liberties. Web. Leff, L. (2012). Prop 8, California’s same-sex marriage Ban, Declared unconstitutional. Web. National Conference of state legislatures. (2008). Defining marriage: Defense of marriage Acts and same Sex Marriage laws. Web. University of California. (2010). Sexuality gender law: Assessing the field, envisioning the future: symposium. Ucla Law Review, 5 7 (5), 1129-1544. This research paper on Legalization of the Same Sex Marriage in California was written and submitted by user Rihanna Key to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.